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We promote incorporation in Wyoming as reliable, fast, economical with numerous advantages.

Owing to its forward thinking legislation in 1977, Wyoming as the first state in the country, introduced renown vehicle - Limited Liability Company (LLC).
Non-Americans not engaged in business in the U.S. and not residing there can benefit most from the LLC. Because of a Supreme Court decision, the U.S. revenue authorities (IRS) hold that it is not the company itself but rather the persons who are earning the income, thus it is not the former in the U.S., but latter who are liable to pay taxes and file their income tax returns in their respective countries of residence.
"Wall Street Journal" comments: "LLCs are the ideal solution for foreign investors."

Thanks to its noteworthy Business Corporation Act of 1989, Wyoming implemented an ultra permissive Company law. Secretary of State's office have made Wyoming very business-friendly. Attracting businesses to Wyoming continues to be a high priority. Since 1994, new incorporations in Wyoming have increased nearly 16%!

Wyoming Incorporation advantages:

         No state corporate income tax

         No tax on corporate shares

         No franchise tax

         Minimal annual fees

         Minimal number of required officers/directors, one man corporation is allowed

         Stockholders are not revealed to the State

         No annual report is required until the anniversary of the incorporation date

         Unlimited stock is allowed, of any par value

         Limited liability

         Nominee shareholders are allowed

         Share certificates are not required

         No minimum capital requirements

         Meetings may be held anywhere

         Officers, directors, employees and agents are statutorily indemnified

         Continuance procedure allows Wyoming to adopt a corporation formed in another state

Corporations do not have to include Inc., Corp., Ltd. etc. in theirs names.

Before, Wyoming was very tolerant about registration of super imaginative company names: credit, investment, insurance etc. Now companies are allowed to use words such as Bancorp or University but they may have to be approved by the Banking Commission or the Board of Education.

If you like to give your corporation the impression of a billion dollars enterprise by issuing a whole 
load of shares with gigantic nominal values i.e. 1,000,000 shares at $ 1,000 each this is only bound
up with minor fees. Better yet, official document bearing the Seal of Secretary of State and Apostille
could confirm this.
Annual license tax is assessed just on the actual assets of the corporation and not the printed fictitious
number of shares.

Value of capital, property and assets in State of Wyoming Tax  
      $ 50,000 or less            

$ 25

      Over $ 50,000 up to and including $ 100,000 

$ 50
      Over $ 100,000 up to and including $ 500,000             

$ 100

      Over $ 500,000 up to and including $ 1,000,000           

$ 200

      Over $ 1,000,000  for every million dollars or fraction thereof

$ 200


Complete Wyoming Corporation Package $ 449
Complete Wyoming LLC Package

$ 489


These prices include:

        Name availability check and reservation

        Drafting & Filing Articles of Incorporation

        Payment of State Filing Fees

        Three Certified Copies of your Articles 
   (one for the Resident Agent file and two for you)

        Resident Agent Service for 1 year

        FREE Technical Support



Same Day Service (24 hours expedite service) $ 150
Corporate/Company Kit and Record Book - Legal forms, Share certs, Dry Seal etc. $ 100

Apostille by Hague convention $ 100
Corporate/Company Bank Resolution  $ 100
Courier dispatch documents/documents + kit $ 75/171

Corporations - all above total cost $ 1,070   -   save $150   -   your cost only $ 920
LLC               - all above total cost $ 1,110   -   save $150   -   your cost only $ 960

With above saving package you'll receive complete documents and kit within 10 days from the date of your order.



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