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Liberia is the oldest democracy in Africa which was founded in 1847.
In 1948, the Republic of Liberia adopted maritime and associations laws to serve the needs of world commerce.
Liberia was one of the first offshore, zero tax jurisdictions.
Its excellent safety record and low loss ratio are attributed to its mandatory safety inspection program for vessel hull, machinery, safety and communications equipment, crew training and qualifications. Liberia has been an active member in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) since 1959 and has worked to transform IMO policy into effective action.

For more than 50 years, Liberia has operated a premier ship registry with one of the largest fleets of merchant ships in the world. About 1900 ships fly Liberian Flag. Vessel types include tankers, bulk cargo, general cargo, containers, reefers, offshore drilling units, barges, passenger vessels, fishing vessels, yachts and other small crafts.

The soundness of the Liberia Maritime Program, the high quality of the vessels and the professional skills with which they are administered are internationally recognised by lending institutions and shipyards that accept mortgages on vessels as security for payment.

Alongside its premier ship registry, which is currently administered by the Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry (LISCR), Liberia operates two additional ship registration programs the Domestic Watercraft Program, established 24 years ago, based in Liberia and managed by the Bureau of Maritime Affairs, deals with registration of fishing vessels and smaller watercrafts operating in the territorial waters of Liberia, and the Pleasure and Small Watercraft Program, the newest of three, deals with the registration of vessels (yachts, smaller watercrafts) of less than 500 gross tons, operating in and outside the territorial waters of Liberia. The administrative headquarter of this program is in New York City, where all ship mortgages are recorded and other official documents are issued. It has several offices and contacts around the world.

Advantage of Registering In Liberia

  • All services under one roof: vessel & corporation registration,  mortgage recordation, technical assistance, licensing of marine personnel, radio authority etc.

  • fast registration process

  • low fees

  • International lending institutions and ship builders have confidence in the Liberian Registry

Licenses, Certificates
Liberian operatorsí licenses, certificates or permits are issued to persons upon two methods: License equivalency or by professional examination.
Equivalent Licenses are issued to license holders from major maritime nations whose educational system and examinations are found to be acceptable.

There are no restrictions on the nationality of crew. Where appropriate, a vessel shall be issued minimum safety manning certificate setting forth the required minimum number of officers, crews, in specified grades and ratings.


Registration Procedure & Requirements

Application for Registration: Registration process begins after the owner of a vessel or his legal representative has sent a formal request to the representative office or a designated official. Immediately thereafter, a list of requirements for initial registration will be submitted to the owner or his representative along with an application for registration and breakdown of fees based upon the size of the vessel. Upon receipt of a completed application form along with the required fee, a Provisional Certificate will be issued even if all the below requirements for registration are not satisfied at the time of initial registration. A six month grace period is given for all registration requirements to be satisfied.

Requirements for Registration
1. A vessel must be owned by a Liberian Citizen, Liberian National or by a Foreign Maritime Entity (it is an entity created under the laws of a jurisdiction other than Liberia and are eligible to own vessels when registered in Liberia pursuant to Chapter 13 of the Business Corporation Act) or foreign individual.
The term "citizen" or "national" refers to corporation, partnership, trust, or association of individuals. Information about the formation of a Liberian Corporation or Foreign Maritime Entity can be obtained from our office.
The formation process of a Liberian Corporation takes about one hour.

 2. Classification of vessels by recognized classification is required for vessels of 24 meters or more in length and if such is not classed, a Certificate of Survey issued by a recognized Classification Society surveyor or a Statement of Compliance or similar document from an underwriter retained by an owner shall suffice. For vessels of less than 24 meters in length, a survey must be carried out by an authorized surveyor, a recognized naval architect or yacht association or boatyard, or an underwriter's assessor from whom a Statement of Compliance or similar can be obtained.

3. Advise Power of Attorney or Corporate Resolution, authorizing person(s) executing the above document to register the vessel.

4. Show proof of ownership:
For existing vessel an owner must submit a Bill of Sale (3) copies and for a new vessels, master carpenter certificate transferring title to applicant;
When an owner owns the vessels under a foreign flag and is transferring it Liberian Pleasure & Small Watercraft Registry without the change of ownership, a proof of ownership must be submitted.

5. Provide proof from current registry:
   a. The state of Registry from which the vessel is being transferred is to issue a document approving the transfer of vessel to the Liberian Flag in the ownership of the shipowner. If the actual proof of the vessel's cancellation from her present registry is submitted, then proof of consent is not required.
   b.  Free Recorded liens: Proof that the vessel is free of recorded liens is required in the form an official statement issued by the government from which the vessel is being transferred. Said statement could be included in the consent to transfer or the cancellation certificate from exiting registry.

Permanent Certificate of registry is issued upon receipt of a request and appropriate documents from an owner after a provisional certificate has expired. It is valid indefinitely.



Up to 12 m

12 and 24 m

Above 24 m *

Initial Registration Fees 325.00 325.00 360.00
Annual Registration Fees 390.00 520.00 555.00
Administrative & Documentation Fee
(Initial Registration
230.00 260.00 325.00
Formation of  a Liberian Corporation* * 930.00    
Marine Investigation fee 65.00    
Change of Name fee 65.00    
Certification  of Transfer 130.00    

Recording of Instruments

(a) Bill of Sale 130.00    
(b) Mortgage, amendments, supplements 
or other instruments
(c) Mortgage satisfaction, release or discharge 130.00    

Radio Communication

   a) Permanent Ship Radi Station License  
issuance /amendments
   (b) Temporary Ship Radio Station License 100.00
   1. First Renewal 100.00    
   2. Second and Subsequent renewals 100.00    
Re-registration fee 130.00    
Provisional  Certificate 65.00    
Permanent Certificate 100.00    
Certificate of Cancellation 130.00    
Certificate of Permission to Sell  130.00    
Marine Safety Inspection fee 65.00    
Express Documents/Courier Service 100.00    
Corporation Annual Maintenance Fee 590.00    

For vessels above 24 meters of length there is requirement by law to establish a
Liberian corporation as title holder.



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