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Dull, gray tax erosion is all around us.
Still, there are places where pastures are green and sun shines.

Since our first client - Active People Limited - UK nonresident company registered in Liverpool in 1988, few thousand companies were formed for clients Worldwide.

We provide integrated offshore services, companies, trust and yacht arrangements designed for international business and yes, pleasure.

In addition to our consultancy and management services we provide local legal presence, correspondent address and bank introduction. We can ensure compliance with local statutory requirements, provide and maintain nominee directors, shareholders, secretaries and trust officers. We could take care about your company's records, accounts and annual returns.

A high quality of customer care and service is afforded to all our clients in response to their individual needs. We are proud of ultimate client care and confidence.

No glossy brochures, fancy office premises, advertisement hype (you the client have to pay all these) rather we go low profile. This policy allows us to pass on to client significant savings but not at the expense of a personalized service.
By dealing with us you are buying a quality service at a fraction of the price of many of our competitors.

Our client list was created mainly on referrals and our standing within the industry.
We have built our reputation over the last 17 years to being one of the leading companies in our filed.


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