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GeogiaRepublic of Georgia (one of the C.I.S. Republics of the ex-Soviet Union) recently has commenced with its open registry operations.
Since the inception it has already attracted the interest of the international maritime community.

Georgian Maritime Administration (Ministry of  Transport) issued guideline for the procedure of ship's registration under the flag of Georgia in force since August 1, 2001.


1. At the moment of registration Agent has to submit copies of all of the documents listed in item 6 except Deletion Certificate, and Administration of Maritime Transport of Georgia (new name of Administration is in force since August 3rd, 2001) issues Provisional (three months validity) certificates.

2. During three months after Provisional registration Agent has to submit originals of all certificates listed in item 6 including the original of the Deletion Certificate.

3. After receipt of these documents the Georgian Maritime Transport Administration will issue the Permanent registration certificates with validity of one year.

4. In case the Georgian Maritime Transport Administration does not receive documents mentioned in item 1. during three months, the registration will be automatically deemed suspended, and if during one more month since that the Agent will not recover the lack of documents, the registration of the vessel will be deleted and any further application for registration of the same vessel will be deemed as a new registration.

5. In all cases (Provisional of Permanent registration) the registration fees should be received during process of registration.

6. List of required documents for the registration:

  1. Application Form 1, Form 2;

  2. Copy of the Certificate of Ownership;

  3. Copy of International Tonnage Certificate (measurements)

  4. Copy of Valid Certificate of Class and Trading Certificates;

  5. Copy of Valid Passenger Certificate (for passenger  ships);

  6. Certificate of Minimum Safe Manning from previous registration,

  7. Copy of Certificate of Insurance in respect of Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage; in accordance with Convention 1969/76 on Civil Liability;

  8. Bank confirmation that the fee has been paid;

  9. Ship’s Condition Inspection Report (the new name of existed ship’s Safety Inspection Report)  submitted by shipowner/master.
    However the shipowner shoud be acknowledged that Georgian 
    Maritime Transport Administration has the right to require at any time the Ship’s Safety Inspection report by independent Surveyor that will be done on expense of shipowner.

  10. Certificate of Deletion of the vessel from its previous Shipping Registration;

  11. Certificate from previous registration of the registered mortgages or of free of mortgages

  12. 2 ship’s color pictures

  13. Bill of Sale - MOA

  14. Copy of Navigation Certificate from the previous registration

Upon registration of a yacht in Georgian Register three certificates are issued:
  • Certificate of Ownership - valid 5 years
  • Certificate of Navigation under the flag of Georgia - annual renewal
  • Radiostation License. The certificate of Ownership - annual renewal

Preliminary Registration valid for three months could be obtained within 3 days.


Registration fee Preliminary & Permanent

 ........................................................   US$ 750.00

Annual Renewal each consecutive year

 ........................................................   US$ 550.00



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