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You do not have to pay high fee to some lawyer or notary public to compose you a valid and 
for the registry acceptable Bill of Sale while you can do it all by yourself.
Just copy and paste the below content in your favorite word processor and make necessary
data modifications. That's it. Do not forget to notarize it.

 "Bill of Sale"

BE IT KNOWN, for good consideration, and in payment of the sum of:

51,000.oo DM (Fiftyonethousand German Marks)

receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged, the undersigned

Sxxxxxxxx Bxxxxxxx of Zxxxxxx 10000, Vxxxxxxx, Croatia

(Seller) hereby sells and transfers to

Gxxxxxxxxx Pxxxxxxx of Hxxxxxxx , Axxxxxxx, Austria

(Buyer) and the Buyer's successors and assigns forever, the following described chattels and 
personal property:

            1996 Sea Ray 23' 6'' (7.16m) HIN# xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with
            Mercruiser 5.7L engine serial number OFxxxxxxx

The Seller warrants to Buyer it has good and marketable title to said property, full authority to sell
and to transfer said property, and that said property is sold free of all liens, encumbrances, liabilities
and claims of every nature and description whatsoever.

Seller further warrants Buyer that it will fully defend, protect, indemnify and hold harmless the Buyer
and its lawful successors and assigns from any adverse claim made thereto by all persons whatsoever.

Said property is otherwise sold ''as is'' condition and where presently located.

                                           Signed under seal 14th day of April, 200X


                  ---------------------------------                                           ------------------------------------

                 Sxxxxxxxx Bxxxxx                                                Gxxxxxxxxx Pxxxxxxx
                 Seller                                                                    Buyer


In the presence of:

   (leave space blank for notarial seal/verification)  




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