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W.G. Hill "PT"  Library - CD Collection
The "Bible" on living a bureaucratic free life, hassle free while protecting your personal and financial privacy.
These books, out of press, sell in hard copy for US $100 per book!

PT - W. G. Hill
The ultimate way to avoid government control of your life and your property is to become invisible. Ideally, you should never "belong" to any one government. Big Brother should never know who your are, where you live, how you make your money, where you keep your assets, and perhaps most important, where you like to "play."
The philosophy behind these ideals is to become a "PT," that is, a Perpetual Tourist, Parked Temporarily, a Prior Taxpayer who is now a Possibility Thinker and Prepared Thoroughly for the future.
To succeed as a PT you will compartmentalize your life under these FIVE FLAGS:

1. Passport and Citizenship. Any country unconcerned about activities of its offshore citizens. Definitely NOT your present home country.

2. Business Base. Places where you actually make your money. Again, different from your personal fiscal domicile.

3. Domicile. A tax haven with good communication where wealthy, productive people can be creative and enjoy prosperity with bank secrecy and little threat of social unrest

4. Asset Haven. A place from which assets, securities, and business affairs can be managed anonymously, by proxy.

5. Playgrounds. Places where you actually spend your time, enjoying life to the fullest.

Over 350 pages of possibilities to raise your own Five Flags and become a PT. Multi-millionaire author,
Dr. W.G. Hill, details with fascinating case histories and personal anecdotes how he has made-and keeps-both his freedom and his money.

PT 2 - The Practice - W. G. Hill
W. G. Hill continues with hundreds of ways to put your PT options into practice.  His ultimate privacy tactics include living tax-free; using offshore no-name accounts; transferring cash across borders; using foreign mail services, untraced credit cards, encryption programs for sensitive data, virtual telephone numbers, and scores of other clever, little-known tactics. Purpose?  To enable you to create an impenetrable barrier around your personal and financial affairs.  A successful PT for the past 20 years, Hill defines and demonstrates the art of "PT," and shows how you can do likewise.  Truly inspiring!                                                              SOLD

The Passport Report - W. G. Hill
This report will open your eyes to many ideas and options you've never thought of before. More significantly, it will allow you to appraise realistically the risk of not having a second passport and not having assets properly placed to enable you to escape, survive and prosper.

Here is a brief overview of the contents of The Passport Report:

  • The first step: psychological preparation.

  • Should you hire a lawyer or agency?

  • Those who advertise and claim to provide second passports.

  • Instant passports and how to get them.

  • Non-citizen passports;

  • Diplomatic and service passports.

  • Refugee passports.

  • Provisional passports.

  • Honorary passports.

  • How to determine which passport suits you best.

  • Over 70 countries examined in detail.

  • Eliminating taxes with your second passport.

  • Dual nationality: problems and benefits.

  • Indirect routes ("back doors").

  • Documents usable in lieu of passports.

Actual case histories detailing exactly how individuals went about securing second passports.
Most informative.

Most countries have well-established, but little-known, procedures for issuing passports under circumstances which most observers would regard as loopholes. It is knowledge of these exceptions which allows intrepid individuals to obtain multiple foreign passports, and thus choose the countries most suitable for their purposes. Put another way, it is perfectly LEGAL to obtain several foreign passports and citizenships so long as one knows the special rules for their issuance. Why entrust your life and your freedom to any one government?

With almost 400 pages packed with unique and vital information, The Passport Report is the most detailed and useful book of its kind.

Portable Trades and Occupations
Would you like to be able to move anywhere in the world and within a short time be able to establish yourself in a comfortable upper middle class style? If this is your long term goal or an immediate need, by the time you finish this book you'll know exactly how to do it. Here in a nutshell are some of the "basics" covered in the book:

Find a Need and Fill it. Make sure the need you are going to fill requires no special license, permits, or educational background. Try to find a field of endeavor that does not require you to acquire any fixed or expensive assets. Stick to a business that has no upper limit on earnings. Whatever you do should be doable in many places internationally.

Go into something that doesn't require too much expertise - unless you happen to be an expert in something already. Try to do something that is so "out of the ordinary" that there is little or no effective competition in the field. What you do should have a relatively low profile. Make it something you enjoy doing, something creative, interesting and, last but not least, lucrative. Whatever it is, don't be so committed that you can't abandon the whole thing and move on without emotional scars or financial losses you can't afford. It should be a legally permitted activity or, if illegal, it should be tolerated where you do it. Nothing is worth going to jail for.

Here you have a taste of what the PTO book is about. Examples, situations, the how to, and real life examples of how to get a Portable Trade and Occupation are found in this eye opening book.
In 20 brilliant chapters you will discover masterful methods for turning adversity into prosperity.

How would you like to live anywhere you want, have all the fun you want, and make all the money you want-all at the same time? The author of this inspiring book has been doing just this for at least the last twenty years, and he tells exactly how you can do it too! All these big-money opportunities can be started with very little money and put into full operation in very little time. Here are a few:

·  Seminar and event promoter ($125,000/year)

·  Pen pals and newsletter ($150,000/year)

·  International bureaucrat ($150,000/year)

·  Passport broker ($1,000,000/year)

·  Plus 15 other BIG MONEY plans that really work!

If you would like to "survive and prosper" on your own terms, this book is for you. You can start TODAY, no matter where you are and begin to take full control of your life. This book CAN change your life! Why wait?

The Invisible Investor - W.G. Hill and Dr. Peter Trevellian
The Invisible Investor, a brilliant fast moving, easy reading report by the legendary W.G. Hill, and Dr. Peter Trevellian, the world's foremost expert on expatriation of assets, will give you amazing insights into a secret world you never knew existed. The Invisible Investor shows you how to move your assets to absolute safety and (best of all) it doesn't cost anything.

  • The books Table of Content

  • Get Your Money Out of the Country Before Your Country Gets the Money Out of You

  • Offshore Finance For Dummies

  • The Myth

  • PT-What's It All About?

  • Novice Becomes a PT, By Dr. Andre DeBun

  • OFFSHORE: So Good It Must Be Illegal

  • Your Own Charitable Foundation Abroad

  • Taking the Plunge

  • How A Leading Swiss Bank Sold out Their Client

  • Nevada Whites Response: Don't Make My Mistakes

  • Chew Off Your Leash

  • Five Flags Unfurled

  • Your Invisible World

  • The Kiss of Live, By Marc Harris

  • Essential Truths Overlooked By All

  • Judgment Proofing, Asset Protection Trusts & Bank Charters

  • More Worthless Schemes - Worthy Schemes

  • How To Create Your Own Deals

  • Best Place to Hide Money

  • How Your Enemies Find You & Your Assets

  • Three Tax Exiles Speak Out

  • Where to Get Good Ideas, Reliable Advice & Sound Counsel

  • Prospects for Individual Freedom; The Long Perspective

  • Consider the Source & Bon Voyage

  • Resource List

How to Become a Honorary Consul
Le Livre du Corps Diplomatique - W.G. Hill
This book, written by the number one PT, although you may not recognize the pen name on the book cover, has sold in the recent past for more than US $ 1495 per copy to a very selective number of clients.
Of the 10 who used the techniques, followed the manual's instructions and had the perseverance to see the project through, 9 out of 10 were offered a Honorary Consul appointment. Not a bad battering average in anyone's league.

With this book, you'll discover how you too, with little effort, can attain honorary consular rank for yourself with no more diplomatic experience and no more relevant qualifications than a tuxedo, some business experience, enough money to throw the odd cocktail party yourself (and no criminal record). And in its pages, you'll discover all the in-depth advice, expert strategies and contact names and addresses you need to achieve success.

If you strive to get in the diplomatic corps, get a diplomatic passport, live the good life on the diplomatic circuit, there is no other book on the market which can help you more in getting a honorary consul appointment.

Want to live the high life of a diplomat?  Would you like social recognition, great parties, big-money contacts, preferential treatment, instant sex appeal?  This truly unique book by W.G. Hill explores the exotic world of securing appointment as an Honorary Consul.

Many countries cannot afford to maintain all the consular representation they would like, and can be persuaded to appoint Honorary Consuls instead.  YOU would represent them in your own country, presumably for mutual benefit.  Your appointment then becomes your key to a vastly-expanded world of social and economic advantages and new opportunities.  You will, of course, be expected to act diplomatically, smile a lot, and add that special touch of “class” to the many social functions you will attend.

Hill himself served a number of years as an Honorary Consul, gaining the insights he shares in this limited-edition book.  He details everything you need to know to secure your own appointment: Advantages/disadvantages; Diplomatic Immunity; Securing Appointment; Etiquette and Protocol; Diplomatic Passport; Choosing the right country to represent. He also illustrates sample letters, documents, and forms to use, as well as the addresses of countries to contact.

Don’t pass up this “chance of a lifetime” without reading Hill’s book first.  The many advantages and opportunities in becoming an Honorary Consul could change your life forever.

This book was originally published in a limited edition of only 100 copies and sold for US$1,495 a piece!

W.G. Hill -  CD collection 
US$1,895 value for only US$ 89!

FIVE (5) best sellers by W.G. Hill now available on one CD collection:

1) PT (Perpetual Traveler, Past Taxpayer, Prepared Thoroughly ...)
2) The Passport Report
3) Portable Trades and Occupations
4) The Invisible Investor
5) How to Become a Honorary Consul



Secrets to Earning 16% - 18% - 24% Up to 50% on Secured Government Certificates - Ted Thomas

In hundreds of counties throughout the United States, local governments have millions of dollars in outstanding and overdue property taxes, due in full from property owners who will not or cannot pay their property taxes.
You are not actually buying the real estate, you are buying the government's lien on the real estate. In a sense, it's much like a mortgage! When you buy a tax lien certificate you are paying someone else's property taxes. 
Best of all, your reward is, the government actually gives you the right to receive all of the tax money due - including fees, high interest and penalties.
To encourage taxpayers to pay their property taxes, the government charges "punitive", sky-high interest rates which are passed directly to the Tax Lien Certificate "purchaser"… that's you.
For "safety-first" investors, tax lien certificates are the premier investment.

You are receiving continual, high-rate income from the government — because Tax Lien Certificates are much like the Municipal Bonds and Treasury Bills... it's simple:

  • You invest your money with the government

  • When the government collects the past due taxes, the government sends you a guaranteed government check

  • You receive your money back, plus high interests.

Best of all, these government-sponsored certificates are armored-car safe.
Applicable in U.S.A and Canada.

fax: +1 206 2022688, +44 870 1387648, +385 51 214355